Terms and conditions of reservations 2.part

7. Details and price of the reservation
The prices published on the Agency's website are different for each accommodation unit, and are displayed or are available upon request because they depend on the length of the reservation, the number of guests and the occupancy of the accommodation unit. The prices of the accommodation units are expressed in euros. The equivalent value of the paid services will be stated on the invoice in kunas as well. The advertised prices for a private accommodation include: daily rental of the accommodation unit, bed linen, equipped kitchen with dishes and cutlery (in accordance with the accommodation unit) and gas, water and electricity expenses (except for 'Robinson Crusoe style' type of accommodation). Each unit within the offer of the Agency contains the following information on the website: Price includesObligation and For our guests we can arrange upon request, which are individual for every single unit.
Additional services are the ones provided in the accommodation facility and are not included in the rental price (such as food service, use of the washing machine, boat rentals, etc.). The Guest pays for them additionally and only if using them. If the Agency possesses the price list of these services, it will be displayed on the website. If the Agency is not in the possession of these prices, they are then agreed to directly with the service provider. Most of the additional services have to be paid directly to the service provider, but some of them can even be paid upon the booking confirmation.
Although most of the services are optional, there are also some mandatory services (e.g. final cleaning of the accommodation, guest registration, special transportation to the accommodation facility in some cases, etc.).
The availability of the accommodation may depend on additional services (such as keeping pets, the use of additional beds, etc.), and since these may not always be available (e.g. boat rental, Internet usage, etc.), the Guest is obligated to state all of the preferred additional services when making the reservation.
In some cases, the Guest will have to pay a cash deposit directly to the service provider upon the arrival to the accommodation unit. This deposit is a guarantee that the Guest will not cause any damage to the accommodation unit or its contents. On the departure day, the entire deposit amount will be refunded to the Guest if there was no damage. The deposit for damage is indicated on the website of the Agency for each of the accommodation units. On the day of arrival, the Guest leaves the damage deposit to the service provider, the service provider representative or to the representative of the Agency. The Guest will be refunded the entire damage deposit amount on the day of departure or the authorization of his credit card will be cancelled, but only after the provider of the services previously determines that the Guest left the rented accommodation unit in the state in which it was taken. In case that the damage deposit is not enough to cover the damage expenses, the Guest is obligated to pay the full damage amount.

The Guest will be informed about all the mandatory payments, the exact prices for the compulsory services and possible cash deposits, as well as the payment methods, when receiving the pre-invoice.
The Agency holds the right to change the prices on its website in case that the service provider changes the prices of the accommodation unit and/or of the additional services. If the price of a certain accommodation unit changes after the Guest has applied for it and before the deposit payment, the Agency will immediately inform the Guest about the change and send a new calculation if agreed.
In case the price changes after the deposit payment, the Agency guarantees that the rest of the amount will be paid according to the calculation based on the initial price of the accommodation unit. If the Agency or the service provider reduces the price of the accommodation after the Guest confirmed the reservation, the Guest is not entitled to a new, lower price.
The contracting parties agree that the Agency has the right to increase the prices before the beginning of the accommodation service in case that the exchange rate currency has increased by more than 5 %, or in case other expenses have increased, which affect the total price and of which the Agency did not know about and could not have known about. The Guest reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the increase of the agreed price is higher than 10 %. In this case, the Guest can claim a refund of the amount paid until that point, but is not entitled to any additional compensation. The refund will be paid to the Guest's bank account, and all the eventual bank charges will be covered by the agency.
8. Categorization and description of services
The offered accommodation units are classified according to the official categorization of the local tourist board and based on the actual state of the advertised unit. The accommodation standards, food, and other services of different places and countries vary and are not suitable for comparison. The Agency is responsible and obligated only for the information published on its websites www.croatia-exclusive.com and www.orgon.hr or in the catalog/other printed materials, and not for the eventual information that the Guest receives at the accommodation unit.
Note on data display
Information about accommodation units placed on www.croatia-exclusive.com and www.orgon.hr may contain some random, grammatical or typographical errors. All the changes, additions and corrections of the texts are done continuously, and the Agency is not responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, background, special or any other possible damages arising as the outcome of any data use from www.croatia-exclusive.com or www.orgon.hr.
Special remarks:
1. Services and activities
a. Some of the services and activities within and around the accommodation unit surroundings can take place only in a certain part of the year (e.g. nightclubs are open only during the summer season), on which the Agency has no effect.
2. Numerical values
b. All the numerical values (area, distance ...) are given with a tolerance of + / - 20%.
c. Data about the distance measurement refers to the air distance, unless indicated otherwise.

3. Types of accommodation units
d. Studio - includes one bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen.
e. A x+y - "x" denotes the number of fixed beds, and "y" the number of extra beds.
- Fixed beds are the basic beds in the bedrooms, while the extra beds refer to the additional beds within the accommodation unit.

4. Service (equipment) notes 
f. On request: additional services are generally available, but it is necessary to require them when making the inquiry (e.g. freezer, hair dryer ...).
g. Verification: any additional service has to be required when making the inquiry due to its specificity, while its availability will be reported in the response to the Guest's inquiry (e.g. baby cot).
h. Shared services: This service exists and can be realized according to the previous agreement with all the other Guests of the same object (e.g. washing machine).
i. Negotiable services: All these services and conditions of their usage are arranged directly by every Guest with the service provider upon arrival to the accommodation unit (e.g. a computer with Internet access).
j. The term "private beach" – A beach in Croatia cannot be privately owned because it is part of the maritime domain that cannot acquire ownership. The term "private beach" means a beach that is poorly utilized by the public, and most often visited only by the guests of the unit that is directly by the above-mentioned beach.
9. Agency's Obligations
The Agency is responsible for providing services and selecting the service providers, and at the same time caring about the rights and interests of its clients in accordance to the tourism customs. The Agency will fulfill all of the above listed and described obligations, except in extraordinary circumstances that the Agency has no effect on (see introductory note).
10. Guests’ Obligations
The Guest is obligated to:
  • provide all the information indispensable for the reservation definition;
  • possess valid travel documents;
  • respect the customs and currency regulations of the destination country;
  • obey the customs, currency regulations and laws of the Republic of Croatia, as well as those of the transit countries during the journey. In case of the impossibility of arriving at the destination, because of violating these regulations, all costs have to be covered by the offender/the Guest;
  • obey the house rules in the accommodation units and kindly cooperate with the service providers;
  • present the voucher (where the correct number of people and service types are stated) to the service provider at the moment of arrival to the accommodation facility;
  • always check whether the destination country or any of the neighboring countries require a visa.
  • The guest is solicited to take good care of the accommodation unit and its property in an appropriate way and respect the terms and conditions of the accommodation unit. The guest is requested to leave the accommodation unit neat and tidy upon check-out; in case of contravention, a certain amount (50 - 200 euros, depends on the accommodation unit) will be charged from the damage deposit for an additional cleaning service.
In cases of non-compliance with these obligations, the Guest shall pay for all the costs and be responsible for eventual damages. By confirming the reservation, the Guest agrees that, in case of any damage, he/she will pay for it to the service provider.

11. Guest's right to change and cancel the reservation
a. In case the Guest wants to change or cancel the reservation, it always has to be done in writing (via e-mail or fax). The changes may include: the number of people, names of guests, and/or another date of the holiday beginning or ending (needs to be reported at least 90 days before arrival). The first reservation change is done without any additional charge, if possible. Each subsequent change will be charged in the amount of 15 euros/change. In case that the reservation change is not possible, and the Guest gives up on the already confirmed reservation, the terms listed below are applied.
b. The date when the written cancellation notification is received by the Agency represents the basis for the calculation of all the cancellation charges. In case the written cancellation was not received within the working hours of the Agency, the cancellation date is considered to be the next working day:
  • If the Guest cancels a reservation before paying the rest to the total reservation amount, he/she is not obligated to that remaining amount of the total price.
  • If the Guest cancels the reservation after paying the rest of the total price, the money of all the deposit payments will not be refunded, but used to cover the costs of the late cancellation.
Any of the paid deposits, as well as the one which confirms the agreed reservation, are not refundable. The rest of the full reservation price should be paid upon the offer which the Guest received by the Agency. In case of a late payment, the Agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation.
In case the Guest has to cancel the reservation within the 7 days before the agreed arrival, he/she is allowed to find a new Guest for the same reservation period, if possible (this also always depends on the service provider). In this situation, the Agency will charge only the costs incurred because of the reservation changes, i.e. the change of the actual Guest. The new Guest accepts all the obligations written within these Terms and Conditions.
If the Guest does not check in until midnight on the starting date of the holiday, and does not inform the Agency or the service provider about it, the reservation will be cancelled and the cancellation costs will be calculated as described above. If the actual costs exceed the above listed ones, the Agency holds the right to charge the actual costs.
In case the Guest is unable to check in on the previously agreed day, and has informed the Agency and/or service provider about it, the accommodation unit is still kept for the Guest, based on the agreement.
The Agency does not compensate for the cost of the passports or visas of the Guest, related to the cancellation of the Guest’s reservation.
12. Cancellation insurance
If the Guest predicts that for some reason he/she might need to cancel the trip, the Agency recommends purchasing cancellation insurance. These insurance premiums calculations are based on the reservation value and are calculated according to the price list of the insurance company.
13. Travel insurance
The reservation prices do not include the travel insurance "package": the insurance against accidents and illness while travelling, insurance against any damage or loss of luggage and health insurance. By confirming the reservation, the Guest choses one of the payment models, and by completing the booking confirmation he/she also accepts these Terms and Conditions. In case the Guest requires additional insurance, it can be arranged directly with one of the insurance companies.
We always recommend carefully reading all of the insurance terms before purchasing.
14. Luggage
Luggage transport by airplane is free for certain language weight defined by the airline. Any of the heavier luggage is additionally charged according to the airline pricelist. Children, regardless of age, are not entitled to free transport of luggage by air transport. When traveling by bus, the Guest can take 2 pieces of personal luggage. Passengers are obligated to take care of their belongings while on the bus, as well as while outside the bus. Otherwise, the passengers are responsible for the stolen, lost or damaged property, which was left unattended.
The Agency is not responsible for damaged, destroyed, lost and stolen luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit (renting a safety deposit box is always recommendable, if available, or paying the insurance that includes the lost or stolen luggage problems). The lost or stolen luggage should be reported to the host and to the local police station.
15. Agency's right to make changes and cancellations
The Agency holds the right to change and cancel the reservation. The booked accommodation can be changed for another one of the same or higher category only with the prior Guest's notification. It is always done by the previously agreed price. If the alternative accommodation is available only in the facility of higher quality and the price is more expensive (10%) than the original price, the Agency holds the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the customer.
In cases where the alternative accommodation is not an option, the Agency holds the right to cancel the reservation and to inform the Guest about it on time. In case of cancelling the reservation made by the Agency, the Guest has no right to ask for any compensation, and the Agency is only obligated to refund the amount paid to its account. If a suitable replacement is not possible from the starting date of the reservation, the Agency will give the Guest all the information about the available accommodation outside the Agency's offer and will make sure to refund the full amount paid for the reservation.
16. Dealing with complaints
Note: All guests who are visiting the Republic of Croatia must be aware that, according to the Republic of Croatia, the Law on Construction permits external works in the period 01.01 - 15.06 and 01.09 - 31.12.
The Guest is required, upon arrival at the accommodation unit, to check everything together with the service provider. This is important in order to communicate the inadequate service and inform the Agency about all the eventual deficiencies in writing. In that case, all the problems will be solved as soon as possible, at the latest within the period of 2 working days.
If the Guest during his stay has a complaint about the unit or the use of services during his/her stay, the Guest is obligated to inform the service provider or the representative of the Agency, as well as to inform the Agency in writing. All possible problems in the unit will be removed as soon as possible and no later than 2 business days. For any eventual problems that have been resolved, the client has no right to complain, nor the Agency nor the service provider are subject to grounds for complaint. The guest is required to cooperate with the service provider and the Agency in good faith in order to rectify the problem.
If the guest has not made a complaint during his stay, he is deemed to be satisfied.
During the problem solving period, which can last up to 36 days at the most after sending the complaint, the Guest cannot involve any other party, the UHPA arbitration or other institutions, as well as providing any information to the media. Also, during this period, the Guest agrees not to sue the Agency or the service provider. The maximum compensation amount can reach the total price of the inadequate service, and cannot include already provided services or the total amount of the reservation. This excludes the right of the Guest for ideal damage compensation.
The Agency cannot be held responsible for eventual weather conditions, sea temperature at the destinations and all other similar situations or events that can cause the Guest's dissatisfaction, and are not directly related to the quality of the accommodation units (e.g. bad weather, badly maintained beaches, large crowds, stealing or property damage, etc.).
If the Guest made a "last minute booking" (making a reservation at the last moment), then he/she accepts all the risks of that kind of holiday. These reservations include the uncertainty of facts, which the Agency cannot affect, as the Guest made this reservation primarily based on the lower price and therefore has no right to complain about the organized reservation.
By confirming the reservation and paying the deposit or the total amount, the Guest accepts all of the above listed Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions exclude all previous travel terms and conditions.
17. Discounts
In the case of simultaneous offers, no discounts can be combined. Discounts do not apply to the "last minute" offers.
18. Cooperation with subagents
In cooperation with the subagents, upon their request (inquiry) for the tourist services, Orgon Travel Agency will make an offer of free capacity. Further communication between the subagent and the client, the final offer to the client, and the terms and conditions of the reservation of tourist services that the client makes via the subagent are not the responsibility of Orgon Tourist Agency.

All subagents are required to thoroughly review the proposed tourist offer and it is their own responsibility to make the final decision of what to offer the client and what is the best offer for the client’s request.

In the case of a complaint by a client for the deficiencies of transferred information about the tourist offer, liability and damage lies solely on the subagent, who is bound to transfer all accurate and reliable information that is relevant to the request of the client. 
For all information that is important to confirm the booking, but which is not mentioned in the presentation material and the offer, the Orgon team will be available to provide all the necessary information.
19. Court Jurisdiction
The Guest and Agency will attempt to settle any possible disputes amicably, and if this is not possible, both accept the jurisdiction of the Split court, while the applicable law will be the one of the Republic of Croatia.
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